cocoaNEC 2.0 Spreadsheet Tutorial
Last updated: January 10, 2012

cocoaNEC Spreadsheet Interface

The following tutorial leads you through the steps used to create a simple antenna using cocoaNEC 2.0's spreadsheet interface. You can use this tutorial in the future as a quick reference. The Reference Manual describes the functions of cocoaNEC in greater detail.

You can go directly to each topic of the tutorial by using the links below. You can also navigate directly to each topic by using the tab buttons at the top of each chapter of the tutorial.

1. Creating a New Antenna Model

2. Creating Variables

3. Creating a Wire Element

4. Feeding the Antenna

5. Running the Model

6. Modifying the Model

7. Adding a Reflector to the Dipole Model

8. Output Views and Printing

9. Grounds and Radials