cocoaNEC 2.0 Example Files

Kok Chen, W7AY [w7ay (at) arrl (dot) net]
Last updated: January 10, 2012

There is a folder with cocoaNEC NC and spreadsheet examples which you can download as disk image from .

You will find two folders within the disk image. One contains NC programs and the second folder contains Spreadsheet models. Use Open NC Model...or Open Model... in the cocoaNEC File Menu to open the files.

The NC example folder includes the following models:
  • 6 element Yagi
  • dipole
  • ground mounted vertical
  • Gull
    a 1.5λ Vee Beam with a bend in the two legs to reduce side lobes. The W7AY Gull can also be viewed as a piecewise-linear version of the driven element of the Landstrofer-Sacher antenna.
  • Hentenna
  • LPDA
    the Log Periodic Dipole Array example by Doug, K4DSP is an example of how recursion can be used in NC to describe self-similar antenna structures.
  • N4IS Waller
    the Waller receiving antenna example includes the use of a resistive load.
  • optimization example
    this example shows how the length of a dipole is automatically adjusted to produce the minimum VSWR.
  • simple Yagi-Uda
  • sterba
  • Vee Beam optimization
    another optimization example; changing the apex angle of a Vee Beam to optimize the directivity of the antenna.
  • vertical dipole phased array
    current fed phased array of two vertical dipoles.
  • vertical with raised radials
  • W1ZR Sleeve Dipole
    NC model of the two-band W1ZR sleeve dipole, written by Bill, K1GQ, which shows how insulated wires (a windowed line) and finite wire conductivity are handled. Please note that due to the proximity of insulated wires of the windowed line, NEC-2 will yield poor accuracy compared to the output from NEC-4.