My other modem design :-) ca. 1974. (scroll to bottom image)

My other
free software :-) ca 1978. (search for kcc)

My other
"weak signal detector" (NASA's SETI Program) ca 1982.

earlier "weak signal detector" (National Radio Astronomy Observatory) ca 1968.

A/D Quantization loss of SNR for Gaussian process (in
Appendix B; Multichannel Spectrum Analyzer) ca 1984.

Knuth check (1989).

The last
job (1988-2005) before my retirement.

Erdös Number.

RTTY Filters and the Equalized Raised Cosine

Automatic Threshold Correction method for FSK.

Extended Nyquist Filters.

RTTY Transmit Filters.

RTTY Demodulators.

K3 IMD with two carriers inside the Roofing Filter.

K3 PSK31 and RTTY transmit purity.

RTTY Sidebands.

DominoEX Error Rates.

MFSK16 Interleaver Design

Synchronous AM Demodulation scheme for SSB receivers.

Fifty Years of the RTTY Journal