The following are applications that I have written for myself, generally because I could not find suitable alternatives for Mac OS X.

These applications are not commercial products and are completely free. You are welcome to them if your needs are similar to mine.

Applications that are written for Snow Leopard require Mac OS X 10.6 or Mac OS X 10.7 running on Intel based Macintosh computers. Other applications are Universal Binaries and those applications run natively on both Intel and PowerPC based Macintosh computers.

Since I make use of functionality that are present in the operating system which I use at the time I write the programs, the applications may require a moderately current version of Mac OS X to run in, and will not work in older operating systems. I do not make any special effort to be backwards compatible with older versions of MacOS.

If you need functionality that are not provided by the programs, you can add them yourself -- the sources, mostly written in Objective C for the Cocoa framework, are free of GPL code and they can be used and modified for non-commercial use in any manner that you wish. Some Cocoa classes, such as a data pipeline and a serial port manager, can be found in the Software page.

The disk images that contain the application installers and the Xcode projects can be found in the Download pages of each application's web site.

Some of the applications are not present in the tab buttons above. Please scroll down this page to see a full list.

Chen, W7AY


AAplot extends the functionality of a Rig Expert antenna analyzer.

amici tiny

Amici is a spectrum analyzer/tracking generator application.

SOIC small
AVR Tools

AVR Tools is a Mac OS X application that uses avrdude to download hex files to the Atmel STK500 AVR programmer, the Arduino UNO, Arduino Micro and Arduino Leonardo.

It includes a serial port emulator that can be used as a standalone terminal emulator.

The AVR Tools package includes Xcode templates for a number of AVR chips.


cocoaFilter is a CW Audio Peak Filter for Mac OS X (requires Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer)

cocoaModem 2.0

cocoaModem is an AppleScriptable program for sending and receiving Amateur Radio digital mode signals. cocoaModem is also localized for Japanese Mac OS X.

cocoaNEC 2.0

cocoaNEC 2.0 is an antenna design and modeling program.


cocoaPath is an HF Channel Simulator for Mac OS X (requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or newer)

smallFET 2.0
cocoaPTT 2.0

cocoaPTT 2.0 is an AppleScriptable program used to perform push-to-transmit through a serial port, ÁH Router, MacLogger DX or customized AppleScriptable apps.

temma tiny

cocoaTemma is an AppleScriptable program to set up and control the Takahashi Temma telescope mounts.

QST Browser

QST Browser is a program for searching and viewing archives of periodicals published by the ARRL.

Serial Tools

Serial Tools is set of serial port tools for Mac OS X. It includes a serial port terminal emulator and a protocol analyzer.

router 40x40
ÁH Router

ÁH Router is an AppleScriptable program that allows multiple applications to concurrently use functions in a microHAM micro KEYER, micro KEYER II, DIGI KEYER or CW KEYER.

ÁH Utils

ÁH Utils is an application for downloading new firmware to a microHAM micro KEYER, micro KEYER II, DIGI KEYER or CW KEYER.