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cocoaTemma is a MacOS X application for controlling the Takahashi Temma telescope mounts.

The cocoaTemma application is free. The app and Xcode project and sources can be downloaded from the Downloads tab at the top of this page. cocoaTemma is built as a Universal Binary and runs natively on both Intel based and PowerPC based Macintosh computers. The app is tested with the Temma II Jr on the model EM-11 mount, but should work with other Temma models. If not, the source code is also freely available for modifications to be made.

The entire cocoaTemma is built from the ground up without the inclusion of any licensed or GPL-ed code. The source code is copyrighted under the Creative Commons deed and you are free to use any part of it in a non-commercial application or program.

An online User's Manual is available through the User's Manual tab above. The What's New page lists what has changed since the previously released version of cocoaTemma.