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ÁH Router

ÁH Router is a MacOS X application that allows multiple applications to simultaneously share a microHAM keyer device. For example, one application can be using a keyer to control the CAT port of a radio while another application can be using the same keyer to control the PTT line.

The ÁH Router works with the microKEYER, the microKEYER II, the DIGI KEYER, the DIGI KEYER II and the CW KEYER.

Please note that ÁH Router is not a microHAM product. Except for using the same protocol to talk to the keyers, it bears no resemblance to the Device Router control software that microHAM ships for the Windows operating system.

The rest of this document contains technical details for those who are interested in the internal workings of the ÁH Router or are writing applications that interfaces to the router. If you are only interested in using the Router, you can go directly to the Set Up page.

Although there are some test panels in ÁH Router, it is not meant to be run as a standalone application. Instead, the router is intended to be run in conjunction with another application (or an AppleScript Studio program) that talks through the router to the keyers.

The Xcode project for the ÁH Router is free for the asking by writing to me (w7ay [at] Included in the project are example code written for Cocoa, Carbon or AppleScript.