Kok Chen, W7AY [w7ay (at) arrl (dot) net]
Last updated: July 4, 2012

You will need a Fortran compiler to build a Unix executable from the source files in the NEC-4 CD-ROM. The GNU Fortran compiler is a suitable free high quality compiler.

Please make sure you have already installed the optional Developer system from the Installer DVD that comes with Mac OS X.

Installing gfortran

There are various sites to obtain the gfortran compiler that are built for Mac OS X. An installer with a simpler installing process is given below. A newer compiler that requires you to install from can be obtained from the High Performance Computing site.

Simple installation

1. Download the zip package containing the gfortran tools at this web page.

As of this writing, the most current version at the above web site is the "Jan 08 gfortran build" (about 90 MB) which you can down directly from here:

2. Once downloaded, unzip the file by double clicking on the zip file, and you should end up with a meta installer (mpkg) package.

3. Double click on the mpkg file, and follow the instructions. You will at some point be presented with a window that looks like this:

gfortran installer

Select the gfortran package that fits your processor and operating system (the PowerPC/Leoprad version is selected in the example above). There is no need to install the Xcode Plug-ins if you are only going to follow the instructions given above for building NEC-4.